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Ron Groen Services
Oudijk 17
1617 KN, Westwoud (NH)


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About Us

The way we work

Facility services maintenance for in and around your workplace

Flexible, fast service, creative, personal attention, affordable and professional quality and care. 

A concept that we take very seriously. 

After your call or email we will contact you within 5 working days. 

In case of emergency we can offer you immediate service. 

If we can not solve the problem permanently, we will make sure a temporary solution is found. 

Due to the fact that we are a creative organization and we know how to plan our schedules, we can work for various clients during the day which means we can minimize transportation cost.


In 2005 Ron Groen started his company Ron Groen Services from a small shed in the back yard. 

After 4 years the projects and number of customers had grown so much, new employees were hired and a larger location needed to be found for this growing company.  

In February 2009 the new location in Westwoud, near Hoorn/Zwaag, was opened and the team was expanded with two partners.

From this day on Ron Groen Services has been and always will be available for each and every customer.


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