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Ron Groen Services the facilitary professional in your office

Sometime we are asked what it is exactly that we do
This is a hard question to answer.

Our activities consist of:

  • Assembly, mounting, dismantling and adjusting furniture.
  • Create ergonomical places.
  • Mounting of white boards, beamers, lamps, paintings and other art works. Replacing light bulbs.

(of course all done without damaging the walls and by keeping the amount of holes as little as possible)

  • Repairing damage due to moving of furniture or in the office itself.
  • Small internal/external moving.
  • Internal maintenance in offices (carpentry, tiling, brick laying, painting or plumbing work).
  • Removal of for instance carpets, wooden floors or furniture*.

*We can also remove this from the site upon request.

  • Repairing of holes in the wall, (re)moving/replacing system walls.
  • We also make custom made furniture and accessories (see gallery)
  • At our new location we have the possibility to facilitate short time storage space.

This is more or less what we do on a daily basis. 
Of course there are many more possible options.
Please contact us, so that we can make a scan of your wishes and offer you the options you have. 
We are a small company with great service!

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